2015 Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library & Information Science (CIDLIS) - Oct. 15 - 16

The schedule and speaker information for CIDLIS 2015 are now available.


The 2015 Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science (CIDLIS) is now accepting registrations and submissions. The conference (known in past years as the Symposium on Diversity in LIS Education) focuses on issues of diversity, inclusion, and information access in library and information professions. It will be held at the University of Maryland on October 15 and 16, 2015.

It is the one place that practitioners, educators and scholars interested in issues of diversity, inclusion, rights, and justice in LIS can gather to learn, share, and network. The two previous events have included more than 170 attendees; it is a large and vibrant community who attend this conference.

Registration and Workshops

As always, attendance is free (and so is the food). All you need to do is send an email to lisdiversity@gmail.com with the word “Registration” in the subject line. Please include your name, title, organization, and contact information.

The main day of the conference will be on Friday, October 16. That day’s events will include the presentations, keynote talks, and the presentation of the James Partridge Award.

The events of October 15 will be in the evening – three concurrent workshops:

  • A session for faculty and doctoral students interested in conducting research and teaching on topics of diversity and inclusion in library and information science
  • A session for library professionals interested in collecting data to improve services to diverse populations

Each workshop will be facilitated by faculty working in these areas.

Space is limited for the workshops. If you want to attend one of them, please clearly indicate which one in your registration email. Unless you say you want to participate in one of the workshops, we will assume that you only want to attend the events on October 16.

When you register, you will also be given the opportunity to make a donation to help support the event. It is not required, but it would be appreciated.

Please email questions regarding registration and the call for abstracts to lisdiversity@gmail.com.

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