Schedule - 2015 Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library & Information Science (CIDLIS) - Oct. 15 - 16


Thursday, October 15
6:00pm -
Library Professionals Workshop
Renee F. Hill and Nicole Cooke

Hornbake Library 0302H 
Faculty/Doctoral Student Workshop
Paul Jaeger and Mega Subramaniam
Hornbake Library 0302J
Friday, October 16
Time McKeldin Library St. Mary's Hall
8:00 AM -
8:30 AM
Coffee and light breakfast ---
8:30 AM -
8:45 AM
Opening remarks ---
8:45 AM -
9:00 AM
Dean's welcome ---
9:00 AM -
9:45 AM

Keynote, Renee F. Hill

But I Didn’t Mean it That Way: Identifying, Understanding, and Eliminating Microaggressions in LIS and Beyond

9:45 AM -
10:00 AM
Break ---
10:00 AM -
11:00 AM

Inclusion in Education
Moderated by Mega Subramaniam

  • Nicole A. Cooke
    Diversity and Social Justice in the LIS Curriculum
  • Irlanda Jacinto
    Coming to terms with privilege: analysis of the self for the creation of culturally competent LIS professionals
  • Jen-Chien Yu
    Big or Small? The dilemma between organization size and inclusiveness in libraries

Law and Justice

  • Ursula Gorham
    The Emerging Role of Public Libraries in the Access to Justice Movement
  • Fiona Jardine
    ACCESS DENIED: inmates and digital information
  • Dave Pantzer and Melissa Y. Ewert
    Full service:  How law libraries can use technology to help diverse, underserved populations understand the law
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM

Diversity in the Academy

  • Lonelyss Charles
    Demographics as Destiny: Do LIS Professionals and Schools Reflect Current and Future Trends in the US Population?
  • LaVerne Gray
    Muted Voices:  African-American Women Librarians in the Academy
  • Stephanie Torres and Alma Lopez
    Express to Transform: Developing an Equitable Diversity Climate Survey

Inclusive Government Information

  • Kimberly Douglass & Bharat Mehra
    Evaluation of E-government Online Information Resources for Families of Children with ADHD: An Information Map 
  • Dennis Linders
    Community Analytics: Translating Big and Small Data into Community Insights for Collective Impact
  • Natalie Taylor
    Reliable and Misleading, Secretive and Factual: Tweens’ Dichotomous Perceptions of Online Government Information
12:00 PM -
1:15 PM
Lunch and Partridge Award ---
Time McKeldin Library St. Mary's Hall
1:15 PM -
2:15 PM

Building toward Inclusion

  • Kafi Kumasi
    Bending the Paradigmatic Arch of Research in LIS Towards Social Justice
  • Bharat Mehra and Cheryl Ann Lambert 
    Additional author: Kathryn Logan Brooks

    An Exploratory Action Plan in Diversity Management at Multiple Levels for the Academic Library to Support Female African American Graduate Students
  • Beth St. Jean, Mega Subramaniam, Natalie Greene Taylor, Christie Kodama, and Dana Casciotti
    Leveraging School-Library-Based After-School Programs to Motivate, Engage, and Benefit Youth from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Classification and Catalogs

  • Melissa Adler
    Indexing Intersectionality: Diversity and Inclusion as Problems of Classification
  • Alex Sharp
    A Critical Analysis of Literature Regarding the LGBTIQ Community and Issues of Access in Established Classification
  • Travis Wagner
    The Subject is Mrs. Burkett Herself: Context and Intersectionality in Moving Image Cataloging
2:15 PM -
2:30 PM
Coffee Break ---
2:30 PM -
3:30 PM

Fostering Inclusive Services

  • Kerry Falloon
    Accessibility and Inclusion Issues in Acquisitions Services: Marketing and Evaluating Electronic Resources
  • William N. Myhill & Ruth V. Small
    Promoting Inclusive Libraries and Librarians
  • Andrea Thomas and Eyoel Delessa
    Sojourner Truth Room: An Innovation Space

New Frontiers in Diversity and Inclusion

  • Ricardo L. Punzalan
    Valuing Our Scans: Understanding the Value and Impact of Digitized Ethnographic Archives
  • Faith Rusk
    A Broader Perspective: How International Opportunities Enhance the Education of Information Professionals
  • Jennifer (Cong Yan) Zhao
    Additional authors: Sonia Smith, Nazi Torabi, Michael David Miller
    Meeting diversity on campus: A multilingual library orientation approach
3:30 PM -
4:15 PM
Keynote, Irene Owens ---
4:15 PM -
4:30 PM
Closing Remarks ---



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