Disability Summit Program


Time Main Room (0211) Media Room (0302j) MITH
12:30 - 12:45 Opening Remarks
Paul Jaeger
12:45 - 1:20 Keynote: Technology is changing the world as we experience it. What are the implications on accessibility/extended-usability?
Gregg Vanderheiden
Introduction by Stephanie Cork
1:20 - 1:25 Break
1:25 - 2:25 Accessibility and Educational Institutions
  • Making Academic Ebooks Fully Accessible to Blind Students
    Carlton Walker
  • Accessibility Concepts in computer and information system courses: How much do Maryland Higher Education Students know and how much should they know
    Jim McCarthy
  • Campus 3-Year IT-Accessibility Plan
    Ana Palla-Kane, Deborah Mateik, Megan Masters, Susan Johnston, Ellysha Raelen Recto

Accessibility and Built Environments
  • Designing for the Spectrum: An Architectural Model for the Autistic User
    David Leestma
  • Architecture Without Vision
    Betsy Nolen
  • Creating Accessible Organizations
    Rachael Bradley
Social Constructions of Disability
  • Disability: From Stigma and Sideshow to Mainstream and Main Street (EDSP 289i)
    Peter Leone and students
  • Homeownership and African American Women with Physical Disabilities
    Angel Miles

2:25 - 2:30 Break
2:30 - 3:30 Disability and Educational Institutions
  • Inclusion and Exclusion: Special Education System in China
    Luanjiao Aggie Hu
  • Bullying the Special Child: Parents of children with intellectual disabilities share perceptions of exposures and needs
    Meaghan McHugh and Donna Howard
    • Chronic/Invisible Illnesses: Providing a Cornerstone for Unknown Obstacles
      LaToya Rosser

Disability and Health Care
  • Nutrition Education Strategies for Developmentally Disabled Adults, Their Families and Caregivers
    Lisa Gonzalez
  • 'For Your Own Good': Coercive Care in the Lives of Marginalized People
    Shain Neumeier
  • Information-related Strategies for Preventing and Mitigating Diabetes-related Disabilities and their Negative Impacts
    Beth St. Jean
Universal Usability and Universal Design
  • Disability in Community: Access, Accommodation, and Adaptation (EDSP 220)
    Carolyn Fink and students
  • Universal Usability in Action: Facilitating Technology Accessibility to the Disability Community in DC
    Mega Subramaniam, Tara Brady, Eyoel Delessa, and Johnna Percell
3:30 - 3:35 Break
3:35 - 4:15 The Disability Studies Minor
  • Peter Leone and Carolyn Fink
Disability and the Justice System
  • Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Students with Disabilities
    Laura Miller, Ryan Greenstein
  • Criminalization of Black Bodies: How can a Black Queer Feminist lens disrupt narratives of an ableist movement?
    Karess Taylor-Hughes
Disability in Virtual Environments
  • New Directions in Accessible Wearable Computing
    Leah Findlater
  • Feeling Powerless F***ing Sucks: Horror and Catharsis in Porpentine痴 Game Anthology Eczema Angel Orifice
    Cecilia Franck
4:15 - 4:25 Closing Remarks
Angel Love Miles
4:25 - 5:30 Networking Reception