UMD Disability Summit 2017 Schedule

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Time Colony Ballroom Charles Carroll Room
9:00am Introductory Remarks
Stephanie J. Cork
9:10am Keynote: Disabled & Proud: Moving from Pity and Fear to Solidarity and Justice
Beth Douthirt Cohen
10:10am Influencing Political Processes
  • Using ICTs to Enhance the Effective Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Global Governance
    Derrick Cogburn, Filippo Trevisan, Erin Spaniol, Maya Aguilar
  • Crowd-sourcing the Disability Resistance
    Filippo Trevisan
Accommodation and Understanding in Educational Settings
  • There Is No Pill For An Unkind Heart: The “Duty To Accommodate” and Limitations of Policy in Academic Settings
    Keren Dali
  • Preparing Educators for Exceptional Learners
    Ebony Terrell Shockley
11:10am Experience as Advocacy
  • Gossip as a Site of Resistance
    Karina Hagelin
  • A Phenomenological Study: Lived Experience of Having a Physical Disability
    Luanjiao Aggie Hu
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, College and Careers
  • Preparing Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities for Paid Employment
    Eric Cole
  • Post-secondary Education for Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Nancy Forsythe, David Wizer, Amy Dwyre D'Agati, Adrián Forsythe Korzeniewicz
12:00pm Lunch & PCDI Awards Please return to the Colony Ballroom for lunch and the presentation of the PCDI Awards.
1:20pm Perceptions and Presentations of Disability
  • How Hollywood Can and Will Help Marylanders with Disabilities
    Jennifer Mizrahi, Lauren Appelbaum
  • Shame, Blame, and Stigma: The Experiences of People with Type 2 Diabetes
    Gagan Jindal, Beth St. Jean
Incorporating disability Issues into Higher Education
  • Advocating for Diverse Audience: Bringing disabilities studies to the Technical Writing Classroom
    Daune O'Brien
  • Teaching Disability Theory to Undergraduates Through The Spatial Humanities
    Joseph Aldinger
2:10pm Building Support and Forming Coalitions
  • Deaf and Disability Coalitions During Political Upheaval: Reconfiguring Access and Inclusion
    Dirksen Bauman, Patrick Boudreault, Elizabeth Diflo, Kaj Kraus, Jessica Murgel
  • Supporting College Students with Disabilities in the Age of Trump
    Capria Berry, Matthew Mueller
Disability Studies in Undergraduate Education
  • Disability Studies: Student Presentations
    Carolyn Fink, Peter Leone, Students
3:00pm Break Break
3:10pm Employment and Employability
  • EmployABILITY at UMCP
    Nancy Forsythe, Amy McLaughlin
  • How WIOA Opened the Workforce System for People with Disabilities
    Philip Pauli
Culture and Communication
  • Tips for Creating Accessible Documents
    Sue Johnston
  • Pathways to Resilience: Perspectives from the Guamanian Sign Language Community
    Heather Zimmerman
4:00pm Closing Remarks
Paul T. Jaeger
Please return to the Colony Ballroom for the closing remarks.


The following posters will be displayed in the Colony Ballroom.

Poster Title Author(s)
Authentic inclusion or risk of discrimination: Organizational context and employees' attitudes towards colleagues with neurodivergence, developmental and /or mental health related disabilities Camelia Fawzy
The CRPD Mobile App Filippo Trevisan
Americans with Disabilities Act: Test Your Knowledge Claire Stanley, Barbara Van Dyke
Accessibility Checklist for Web-Based Course Content Sue Johnston
Nothing About Us Without Us: Maryland Passes Legislation in First Year of Introduction to Phase Out Sub Minimum Wage Use Kenneth Capone
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