Coming Soon – HackHealth 2.0

Friday, July 11, 2014

 The HackHealth team is happy to announce that we have received funding ($123,317.00) from the National Library of Medicine to continue our program in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. The team will enlist two new middle school librarians to bring HackHealth to their schools, and enlist three of the participating librarians from the first year of HackHealth as Senior HackHealth Ambassadors.

HackHealth is an after-school program currently implemented in Title I middle schools in Maryland. The program aims to improve the health and digital literacy skills, health-related self-efficacy, and long-term health outlook of participating youth and their families. Each student selects a health-related topic of personal relevance to them and uses National Library of Medicine resources and other online resources in conducting a series of activities which facilitate critical thinking, evaluation, and presentation skills. At the end of the program, each student presents what he or she learned in a final product (of the student’s choosing). In the coming year, the team will begin dissemination efforts in order to involve school librarians across the United States. Strategies for dissemination will include presentations and webinars conducted by Senior HackHealth Ambassadors and the development of an online community space for librarians running HackHealth in their schools to communicate with one another and with participating students. The team will also be developing outcome assessment tools, including a digital health literacy assessment tool and repackaging the program into pods so that it can be implemented within a variety of settings, including public and school libraries.

Please visit the project’s webpage at and follow us on Twitter @kidshackhealth to track the team’s progress in the coming year (and hopefully for many years to come!).