iPAC Releases its new Website!

Friday, June 17, 2011

While the Center for Library and Information Innovation (CLII) and the Center for Information Policy and E-Government (CIPEG) will not formally celebrate their merger to create the Information Policy & Access Center (iPAC) until October 2011, we could not wait to launch the center's new homepage! This Website replaces both http://cipeg.umd.edu/ and http://clii.umd.edu/, but we will continue to maintain, and improve, the home page for the Public Libraries and the Internet Study, or the Public Library and Technology Access Study (PLFTAS).

This Website is the product of many months of collaboration, creativity, patience, and careful implementation by a team of people. iPAC's Operations Manager, Abigail McDermott, served as the project manager or team leader, but everyone at iPAC contributed in some way - from writing content to finding suitable graphics and brainstorming project icons. Brian Benson served as the project's graphic designer, turning the off-the-shelf Drupal theme selected into a unique, elegant design, and Joel Richard stepped in during the final weeks to implement the design and serve as the project programmer.

If you have any comments or questions about our new Website, please direct them to Abigail McDermott at ajmcderm[at]umd.edu. Enjoy!