The "Libraries and E-Government: New Partnerships in Public Service Project" Visits Rockville Memorial Library

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Our iPAC project team went to the Rockville Memorial Library (Rockville, MD) on May 26, 2011 to meet with members of the staff and to discuss the possibilities of working with them during the development and implementation of our e-government resource tool. We want to be able to create a resource that librarians can customize to suit their own E-government reference needs. As one of our directors explained, there need to be options for how to shape this tool, since “creating the one big thing doesn’t work” when every community has its own E-government resource needs. 
The team discussed the challenges of developing a resource that is useful for varied and diverse communities. In Montgomery County (MD) the local public library is an important access point; the ability to use computers and Wi-Fi are all a key part of developing a successful E-government reference resource.
This site visit is just one of the many the project team has conducted and plans to conduct during the course of their research and resource development effort. Other site visits have included or will include Austin Public Library in Austin, Texas, the Enoch Pratt Free Library (Cherry Hill Branch) in Baltimore, and potentially other partner libraries, such as the Alachua County Library District in Florida, the Newark Public Library in New Jersey, and the Pasco County Library Cooperative in Florida.  To learn more about the Libraries and E-Government: New Partnerships in Public Service project please check out our project description.