Increase accessibility of museums to people with disabilities and illuminate the importance of the web and electronic resources in expanding a museum's audience
The goal of ACTion Alexandria is to develop online resources to promote community participation and harness community problem-solving, facilitating the identification of community needs and opportunities and ways to address them.
Project Con­nect­edLib is help­ing librar­i­ans incor­po­rate dig­i­tal media into their work with youth to pro­mote con­nec­tions across learn­ing con­texts.
Explore existing and emerging ways in which libraries in all forms are addressing the needs of their changing and diversifying communities
A cohort of MLS students interested in careers in librarianship and other information sciences as specialists in digital government information and e-government services.
Improving the Health Literacy, Health-Related Self-Efficacy, and Long-Term Health Outlook of Disadvantaged Youth through the Facilitation of Scientific Inquiry and Information Literacy Skills
A one-year pilot study for the development and deployment of a collaboration model between mathematics teachers and school librarians focusing on underrepresented and disadvantaged middle school students.
This project is an effort to explore how best to bring together government agencies and public libraries.
iPAC is home to two prestigious, peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the field of library and information science.
Working collaboratively to develop benchmarks to identify and establish national standards for public access technologies in public libraries.
To support public libraries in their mission to build digitally inclusive communities through public access technologies and Internet-enabled services.
A project with the aim of making government information not merely available, but collectively searchable and intuitively organized.
The goal of this project is to identify student usability and functionality requirements for WorldCatUM at the University of Maryland.