True Government Transparency

At a Glance
Project at a Glance: 
  • Status: Completed
  • Launch: August 2009
  • Funding Agencies: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Team: Paul T. Jaeger, Natalie Perkins
  • Mission: To create tools to make deep Web government information fully accessible to the public.




 True Government Transparency is a project with the aim of making government information not merely available, but collectively searchable and intuitively organized.  Toward this end, a Wiki has been created with categorized links to hundreds of portals to government databases, each thoroughly labeled, summarized, and organized so that a database may be found by topic, by intended audience, by agency, or by user task.  Multiple avenues to the same information ensure that there is no "wrong" way for users to interact with the collection.  The information can be added to or edited by users, with the goal of crowdsourcing the management of this resource.


Additionally, a customized search engine is being created to sort government files by a uniform system and to present relevant information from across independent government websites to suit the user's information needs.  This method of search will be able to ameliorate the inconsistencies and blank spots currently found in some government website search functions.