Dr. June Ahn

Affiliate Faculty
Dr. June Ahn (http://ahnjune.com/) is an Assistant Professor in the University of Maryland's College of Information Studies and College of Education. His research examines the design, implementation, and evaluation of new media for teaching and learning, with a focus on science, math, and computational thinking education. His current projects include understanding how open, peer-led learning occurs in the massively open online course platform (MOOC), Peer 2 Peer University. He is also the PI on the NSF funded Sci-dentity project (http://scidentity.umd.edu/) that engages inner-city middle school youth with science fiction storytelling and social media to enhance their identification with STEM ideas. His research focuses on two current aspects of technology, youth, and education: (a) how we can leverage the participatory capabilities of social media and social computing tools for the goal of learning and (b) how the presence of ubiquitous information available via networks and digital media alters how teaching and learning happen in both formal and informal environments.