Beth St. Jean

Assistant Director
Expertise: Health


04 Apr 2015

HackHealth Team to Host ALA Pre-Conference Workshop

 As the Internet becomes more essential in meeting young people’s everyday life and academic information needs, ensuring that students have the skills needed to assess the credibility of online resources becomes more critical. These skills are particularly difficult to teach, largely due to the ambiguity of what makes a site both credible and relevant to a young and inexperienced searcher. This workshop will introduce participants to methods of credibility assessment instruction informed through research conducted by the HackHealth team from the University of Maryland's Information Policy and...

26 Aug 2014

Katie Shilton Receives Research Funding from Three National Science Foundation Grants

 iPAC Senior Research Fellow and University of Maryland iSchool Assistant Professor Katie Shilton has received National Science Foundation grant funding for three different projects. These grant supported projects include:  Finding Practices that Cultivate Ethical Computing in Mobile and Wearable Application Research & Development;EAGER: Privacy in Citizen Science: An Emerging Concern for Research and Practice; andINSPIRE Track 2: Public Health, Nanotechnology, and Mobility (PHeNoM). Shilton is the principal investigator for the first two of these grants, with faculty and students from...

11 Jul 2014

Coming Soon – HackHealth 2.0

 The HackHealth team is happy to announce that we have received funding ($123,317.00) from the National Library of Medicine to continue our program in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. The team will enlist two new middle school librarians to bring HackHealth to their schools, and enlist three of the participating librarians from the first year of HackHealth as Senior HackHealth Ambassadors.HackHealth is an after-school program currently implemented in Title I middle schools in Maryland. The program aims to improve the health and digital literacy skills, health-related self-efficacy, and...